About Me

My 30 second elevator speech for the question – What do you do?

I’m a Fiber Artist, with a focus on bead weaving, miniature basketry and hand knit goods. My speciality is custom beaded ornaments for wedding presents, corporate gifts, and special recognitions.

I co-own Utah Gemstone Jewelers with my best friend and husband, Tracy, who is a lapidary and silversmith that crafts jewelry from Utah rocks. We take our portable store to 6 shows a year and Tracy’s jewelry is at 3 retail establishments in Southern Utah.

At 71 yrs I’ve had a lot of life experiences, mostly good, but some bad. And I’m grateful for every one. They’ve made me who I am today. If I can share those and help other women advance and improve I shall pass on happy. That includes my two daughters and one granddaughter.

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