Content Strategy

What is Content Strategy?

 August 22, 2020

By  Jana Hassett

What is Content Strategy?

“...planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content.”
– Kristina Halvorson, founder of Brain Traffic, and author of Content Strategy for the Web

And in today’s world, useful and usable content is written for what is termed “evergreen content”, in other words it’s always current.  Not a difficult task, but one that requires planning.  That’s why 94% of blogs and content marketers fail to achieve long term success. And I do mean “long term”.

How long does it take to attract organic traffic to my blog?

Most content strategists work on a 6-9-month basis for seeing results from a specific campaign.  Whether it’s social media or your website, for small businesses and solopreneurs, getting attention is the most difficult task a content strategist has. 

Can I serve as my own content strategist?

Many solopreneurs cannot afford to hire a professional strategist.  Thus, they have no choice but to serve as their own strategist and marketing guru.  It can be done, but plan on staying up a few nights doing it.

Where should I start in the content strategy process?

With Research!  Spend as many hours as you can researching your competition.  Do a Google search on what keywords you want to target.  Read every one of those 1st page blog posts, articles, or answers to the public. This will tell you what your potential audience is looking for now!  Then ask yourself, is this evergreen?  Can I write a post on that topic and have it pertinent 2-4 years from now?

As you read each of these, look for anything about the topic the author didn’t mention.  Look for arguments without evidence of their conclusion.  And remember, you can have your own opinion regardless of what others believe.  Civil discourse is missing in today’s society.  Take time to write a substantive piece, with facts, figures, and emotion and put it out there for your audience to read. If you decide to quote the article, use quotes, and give them credit and state in a clear and kind voice why you disagree. 

Content Strategy

Content Strategy needs to focus on your mission and vision statements.

Every article you write needs to be based on who you are, where you want to take your audience and why.  You can read about my who, where and why on my About Page. Your strategy should include what you have to offer, where product or service; how that offer will make their lives better, easier, cleaner, faster, more meaningful, etc.  Whatever terms you choose to describe the benefits, be clear.  Don’t offer something you can’t deliver. 

How detailed should my content strategy plan be?

Tol start, figure out a few key items.  Where is your audience? Do they frequent videos on Utube, click on links in Pinterest, follow on Facebook, or will they signup for your website updates?  You don’t have to have a formal newsletter, just some way to reach out to those that sign up to receive what you have to offer. 

How often will you reach out to them with new content - Daily, many times a day, weekly?

Depending on which social media outlet you decide on, determine how often you can reasonably post to that outlet.  Think along the lines of quality posts, not quantity.  Remember the old saying “garbage in, garbage out”?  Don’t send your audience garbage.  Every post  needs to contain information worth keeping.  Even a one-sentence tip is better than a comic or quote that isn’t even related to your topic.

For bloggers, think weekly or every other week.  Tell your audience what to expect and live up to it.  Doing a weekly post of several hundred words can be tough at first.  Do the best you can but do it!

I can’t remember whose book I was reading this past pandemic, but their whole premise was to “SHIP IT”!  Nike’s “Do It!”, or others that promote encouraging people to complete their tasks, are the same concept. 

Your strategy is a plan on paper – having a plan and working the plan are the backbone of your strategy.  Don’t allow yourself to say, they won’t miss me if I don’t post this week.

Need help with your strategy?

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