Small Business  -  

Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Grant Writing

Helping to empower Women in Business to achieve success because they have mentors to help guide them.

How will we accomplish that?        

  • Communication - through sharing ideas
  • Implementation - through an agreed upon plan, online meetings and idea exchanges
  • Innovation - through listening to what YOU want, finding  support for your new ideas and encouragement.
  • Discipline - through the routine of passing on the ideas, beliefs and values of those that forged the way for Women to be in Business.
  • Persuasion - through thought, word and deed to allow all people to become part of the conversation.  And that conversation starts the cycle again.

Our Mission -

      Helping others succeed -  one mentee at a time.

Our Vision  -

     See more women lead their business to success, thrive and mentor future Women in Business.

Our Values  -  

      Three principles we believe guide Women In Business everywhere -

  • Just The Facts - No Spin
  • Kindness Matters
  • Pass It On