About -

Developing  Your Business Success

Helping to empower Women in Business to achieve success through informed decision making.

How will we accomplish that?         

  • Communication - through sharing ideas
  • Implementation - through an agreed upon plan, online meetings and idea exchanges
  • Innovation - through listening to what YOU want, finding  support for your new ideas and encouragement.
  • Discipline - through the routine of passing on the ideas, beliefs and values of those that forged the way for Women to be in Business.
  • Persuasion - through thought, word and deed to allow all people to become part of the conversation.  And that conversation starts the cycle again.

Our Mission -

      Helping  each other succeed -  one business at a time.

About Janas Mission

Our Vision  -

     See more women lead their business to success, thrive and mentor future Women in Business.  No matter your base, an online store or brick and mortar, you can achieve success through informed decision making.

You'll learn  - 

  • what records to keep and how to keep them.
  • the value of a working business plan.
  • content and social media strategies
  • and much more, all based on your needs assessment.

Our Unique Value  Proposition -  

      One of the many gifts I received in my working life was a mentor/cheer leader.  That is still true today.  Someone with an outside view of a situation, opportunity, or investment. Someone who's opinion I respect.  I'd like to be that someone for you.

After 25+ years of retailing in a Tourist-Based economy, I'm excited to guide you though the maze of running a small business.

About 1

"Jana also has a heart for helping the women in our community that are starting businesses. She is often found sharing her invaluable experience with someone who just needs encouragement or a boost to be more successful!"

Your ongoing success is my goal.  I've been blessed with the guidance of great people, and in honor of all those who helped me over the years I want to Pass It On .

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