Service Highlights

We work with our clients to support their journey to Harmony!

Through Mindful listening and Conversational Writing, we're proud to support Women In Business

Coaching Clients

Our coaching services are designed to help business owners clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals.  Our business coaching services are designed around Business Journals.

Consulting Clients

Our Consulting services encompass strategies and action plans through your business journal where together we'll develop practical, tactical solutions.  We'll share our years of knowledge, advice and creativity.

Guiding Clients

Guiding clients is centered around your beginning assessment and a plan of action to talk, as often as weekly, about what and how the business is doing and how we can solve your problem.  The contacts can be by phone, zoom, email or text.  You book an appointent online with a one-sentence topic (so we'll both know what we're going to discuss) and your preferred method of communication.   

 Payment of $15.00 per session is through Paypal.

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