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Journal Writing Matters - and can make a big difference in your life and your clients lives. 

Call it a Diary, Day Book, Log Book or Journal, it will provide you an opportunity to record your journey.  Whether it's daily, or by project, for health or travel, join me in writing your journey.

Journal Writing should be part of your every day life.  Visit my Shop to purchase my recommended journals.

 Regardless of where you are or where you'd like to go, Journaling helps with your journey.

If you want to learn how to write conversational pieces , join our writing group and get a weekly list of writing prompts for the week.  Then visit my writing prompts page to see what I wrote.

If you need conversational writing services, just contact me and we'll get you started.

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Jounaling will  improve your life, at work and at home. 

Here's how to get started:

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Sign up for my weekly journal writing prompts.  This year's theme is Kindness.

Because "Kindness Matters"

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I have a number of products available to help you on your journey.

  • Checklists
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  • Journals and more.

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About Me.

Jana is a retired Congressional Aide, business owner and writer.  She has written for websites, business blogs, goernment grand awards, draft legislation, business plans, and was a journalist for a small newspaper in Utah.  She has a friendly style of writing and enjoys telling your story.  Your business can benefit from her experience and insight into the business world.

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