January 7


What’s Up In Business?

By Jana Hassett

January 7, 2023

Small Business

What's Up In Business?

It's been a challenging 2 1/2 years for most every business - product or service. The hardest hit of the sectors are hospitality and restaurant. I'll have some info n hospitality next time, today's post is about the restaurant sector.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 2023 will bring a variety of changes to the industry.  Those most likely to impact and benefit Iron County, Utah are:

  1. Mom and Pop Shops - with paper menus, pencils behind he ear wait staff and paper order slips. These "throw-back" novelty shops are predicted to appeal to a variety of travelers.
  2. Outdoor dining will continue to attract customers used to sidewalk and patio dining.  Street-side dining will evolve on vibes, not just heaters and metal seating.
  3. Smaller dining rooms and larger kitchens will appear in new fast food establishments. Pre-pandemic they were building them with seating for 75. Post-pandemic 25.

The Best News?

There will be "sky-high" demand for restaurants. As people return to travel and tourism and their lifestyle choices take them out of the house -

"Restaurants have become more essential to consumers"

The Kiosk of the future in in your pocket on your smartphone. Chains are investing in Smartphone apps for ordering. But not all will try and monopolize your phone. Those with Kiosks will work on improvements and expansion.

We'll see who is right!     Until Next Time - - -

Jana Hassett

About the author

Retired Congressional Aide, Coach, Mentor and Grant Writer, Jana advocates for everyone having an elevator speech. She currently serves as Business Coach for the Ms. Biz program at the Women's Business Center of Utah, Cedar City. She's been writing blogs since 2006 and enjoys journaling.
"Passing It On" is her WHY, in honor of all those that mentored and guided her journery over the years.

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