Benefits of Working With a Business Coach

When you hire a Business Coach you are able to:

Thrive in Hard Times

Leaders must always be prepared for disruption.  Your coach is there to bolster your efforts to succeed.  Just as a Crew Chief leads a stock car driver through spinouts and flat tires, your coach will help steer you through the chaos.

jana hassett

Become a More Effective Leader

Your coach will lead by building a roadmap for success and you cross the finish line 1st.

Effective leaders that learn to lead in disruption ultimately increase their revenue.  Your coach has lived through and run businesses in disruption.  Her clients have weathered disruption, grown, and prospered with her guidance and support.  Whether it was a reorganization under Bankruptcy laws, division of companies due to Divorce, Loss of Assets from theft or acts of god, or lRS liens, Jana has been able to help craft successful outcomes from disruption.

Does Hiring a Business Coach really work?

Studies show those business leaders that hire a coach can:

  • Experience success that more than paid for the coaching services
  • Owners work performance improved
  • Most reported an increase in self-awareness
  • Help you set and achieve SMART goals

What Should I Expect From a Business Coach?

When you hire a coach, you can expect an experienced business leader that will help you clarify your business vision to align with your personal and professional goals.

With your coach by your side, you’ll have support for understanding where your business stands and how to move forward with a revised Business Concept Statement.

Why Should I Hire a Business Coach?

To receive professional help to:

  • Facilitate a business transition
  • Act as a sounding board
  • Address problems derailing the company
  • Assist start-ups get moving in the right direction
  • Help owners pivot their company and meet chaos head on.

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