Coaching – Mentoring – Guiding

I’ve been mentoring and coaching women (and men) either in business or starting one since 1988. This page will feature those whom I have helped since 2006 with links to their website or Facebook page. If you’d like to talk about getting help with your project fill out the MENTORING FORM and we’ll start the process.

Clients 1

Harriet Priska

We spent many hours talking about what she wanted to do (which was paint) and she eventually began to do just that. Visit her website

Clients 2

Jenifer Steed

Jenifer and I connected when we had our business in Escalante. Their Wild West Retreat is innovative and the Utah Economic Development Grant I wrote for their Showhouse project was fun.

Clients 3

Maureen Russ

Maureen and I met through the Rock Club. Over the years we’ve talked about how to run a business, trends, advertising and other small business topics. She sells through her Website and local shows.

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