Disruption – 2021

 October 12, 2021

By  Jana Hassett

Disruption – a natural process.

“It might be better viewed as a trail with many paths. We have our planned route, the straight path that is well-cleared of the underbrush and even built in with stairs and bridges. This is the path we have chosen to take, the one we have set in our minds as our own.
Disruption is the tree that blocks our chosen road and clears an opening to new part of the forest. It is the branching off of divergent paths that were never marked on our map and have no indicators of which way we should go.
This kind of disruption is rarely a momentary blip. It alters our trajectory, changes our path. It means that we have to make new decisions about new opportunities and challenges.  It sets us up to keep walking in a new direction, one that may not be as planned out as the one before.”    Joe DeGraaf, MA, CLC  from Choice Magazine

Many of our small businesses have found the tree in the road and are struggling to choose which turn in the road they should take. That’s what Business Coaches are for. To help guide them through the maze  and identify the disruption for what it is. We’ll start with helping identify what they are experiencing, then explore the possibilities, limit the options, consider the implications, and test to see if the path might take you back to the fork in the road.

It’s not the outcome we focus on, its helping owners see the potential of the change. How the change will help grow their company and make a mindful decision.

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