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Outdoor Recreation Businesses

 June 26, 2020

By  Jana Hassett

Hello Business Journal Friends-

It’s been a very busy week for me.  Between helping the Women Business Center Ms. Biz class with their Elevator Speeches and helping others with their business plans I decided to squeeze in a webinar with the Utah Dept. of Outdoor Recreation, and I’m glad I did.

Their new #Responsible Recreation coalition and program is designed to promote responsible use of the outdoors.  The Pandemic has driven record numbers of folks to hiking trails, biking paths, and skate parks.  Many of these public land visitors are new to the outdoor recreation experience.  They have not experienced the risks and rewards of recreating outdoors and thus put themselves, and our first respondors, at risk.

Trash dots the trails, restrooms are strewn with paper, and what was packed in was not packed out.  There have been several forest fires where campers have failed to put out the camp fires and heavy winds have pushed the embers into nearby woods.

This coalition will be working with local, state, and federal park groups to get the message out.  If you have a business in the outdoor recreation industry you should connect with these folks. 

You can reach the coalition at www.#recreateresponsibly.org