Iron County

Rural Utah Summit

 September 25, 2019

By  Jana Hassett

One of the benefits of being an Ambassador for the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce is getting to know folks in the community, and attending events.  That was true of the “Utah Rural Summit” hosted at SUU and presented by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Their theme “Rethink Rural” is hinged on taking advantage of remote learning and workforces.  That works for some but not all of us are into computers for a living.  If this is an option for you, reach out to the Rural Online Initiative and enroll for the online Certificate course.  Remoteworkcertfiate.com

That leaves a few us looking for other opportunities, and they exist.  So, the question I keep asking is – What can we provide to assist those businesses to be successful?  The Governor’s question was – “How do we create partnerships to help rural Utah get better outcomes?”

And that is true of our local economy.  Where are the partnership opportunities here in Iron County?  We need to spend more time working to create these partnerships towards the goals of the Rural Utah Summit.  How? By watching and listening for possible connections.

Do you sit on one of the many non-profit boards locally?  What projects are coming up that could include a small business partnership?  Is there an opportunity to include more of our small businesses with special talents?

We all need to see any opportunity to include our small businesses with special talents.  These can be brick and mortar or online.  Remote work opportunities are more readily available every day.  Let’s create more partnerships.

Do you own and operate a small business in Iron County?  Would you like to be listed under your speciality in a database of local businesses?  Register below.

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