February 24


Celebrate the Value of 5 Minutes

By Jana Hassett

February 24, 2020

What Do You Do?

What can you do with 5 minutes of complete privacy?

  • Talk on the phone
  • Plan your day
  • Watch the sunset
  • Practice your elevator speech.

The first three might satisfy your soul, but the last one might be the difference in landing a contract to give you more free time to watch the sunset.  And if you’re interacting with the world, in just about any way, having an elevator speech can be the difference in your success rate.

An effective elevator speech arouses people’s curiosity and makes them want to lesrn more about you.  Equip yourself with an introduction that will show them why you would be the right person to solve their problems.  Because businesses are created and stay viable when they solve a problem.

What problem do you solve?

If you sell real estate, are a nurse or work for a public entity, your speech is relatively straight forward and simple.  You are a realtor working at XYZ in Cedar City, Utah and you specialize in residential properties.  Otherwise it can get very complicated. 

During the years I was crafting my own artworks, helping my husband with his, and running our retail establishment, it was very difficult to answer the question “What Do You Do?”.  Now that I can focus on just one journey it’s a lot easier. (I’ll share my speech with you in a later post).

But we still haven’t heard what problem you solve.  What you do is not the same as who you are.  Who you are is more your status in life – a wife, mother, nurse, realtor, etc.  What Do You Do can be answered most effectively by sharing how you contribute to society, what problem you solve, what are your achievements and what is your goal.

Your 5 minutes of solitude to celebrate with your elevator speech can make a huge difference in your life.  It gives you the chance to share with that stranger sitting next to you at a Chamber luncheon, social event, or on a job interview, what you do that would make them respond “tell me more”.

So celebrate the value of 5 minutes – rehearse your elevator speech in order to promote yourself and your business, succeed in a job interview, be able to articulate What You Do.

I can hear you saying, I don’t know how to write my speech, is there any help?  Yes.  I’d love to have you join our group and get the guidance to write your own speech.  Sign up now and you’ll be one of the first to know when my ecourse will be available. The main course will be free.  The additional addons and one-on-one coaching will be available at a very reasonable fee. 

Don’t convince yourself that you don’t need your own elevator speech, you do.  Everyone does.  Sign Up Now.  I look forward to getting to know you.

Jana Hassett

About the author

Retired Congressional Aide, Coach, Mentor and Grant Writer, Jana advocates for everyone having an elevator speech. She currently serves as Business Coach for the Ms. Biz program at the Women's Business Center of Utah, Cedar City. She's been writing blogs since 2006 and enjoys journaling.
"Passing It On" is her WHY, in honor of all those that mentored and guided her journery over the years.

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